06 August, 2009

[gui-talk] Article: New Grant from the Mozilla Foundation furthers NVDA]

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Subject: [gui-talk] Article: New Grant from the Mozilla Foundation
furthers NVDA
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2009 00:21:13 +1000
From: Steve Pattison <srp@internode.on.net>
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This item is taken from the blog for the open source NVDA screen reader
at www.nvda-project.org/blog. The home page for NVDA is
www.nvda-project.org. -Steve.

New Grant from the Mozilla Foundation furthers NVDA

We would like to thank the Mozilla Foundation for providing NV Access
with another grant allowing NVDA to continue and grow. Initially this grant
will allow development of much more proper and complete support for ARIA
live regions in NVDA. Specifically this work will firstly consist of redesigning
NVDA's in-process code, making it less specific to virtual buffers and more
generalized so that it will be much easier to add code for such things
as live regions. I have started this work already. Secondly support for
live regions will be designed within the new in-process framework so
that NVDA will be able to appropriately announce changes in live regions
found in web documents and applications. Examples of live regions are the
message history of a chat application, a value on a score board, or even
perhaps subtitles, audio description text, or captions on a video streamed
over the web.

Posted: 2009-08-03 01:00

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