07 August, 2009

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Subject: Fred's Head Companion - American Printing House for the Blind
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 2009 12:44:37 +0000
From: Fred's Head from APH <fredshead@aph.org>
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Fred's Head Companion - American Printing House for the Blind

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* Accessible TV Listings <#1>
* RSS Can Be Your TV Guide and the TV Too <#2>
* Finding Independent Coffee Houses <#3>

Accessible TV Listings

Posted: 06 Aug 2009 08:04 AM PDT

TV Guide

BlindBargains.com <http://www.blindbargains.com> has found possibly the
simplest interface for TV listings and it's from an unexpected source.
Often times, wireless interfaces to websites are more usable and slimmed
down, making them easier to navigate. Try this link to TV Guide's
wireless portal, and obtain a list of what's currently on for your cable
or satellite provider in a few seconds. The listings are completely
uncluttered, with just the channel number, name, and the current show.

Click this link to visit the wireless version of TV-Guide's TV listings:
http://wireless.tvguide.com <http://wireless.tvguide.com>.


Epguides is a website where you can quickly lookup TV show episode
titles and air dates. The site currently has episode lists for over 4100
TV shows. You can search and browse them alphabetically, sort them by
year, check out currently running shows and view a current and fall US
TV schedule grid.

Additionally you can subscribe to newly added shows, recently canceled
shows (US only) and recently released US and UK TV DVDs, and get updates
on your feed reader using RSS.

Click this link to visit http://www.epguides.com <http://www.epguides.com>.


LocateTV is a quick search engine for TV listings, in particular for TV
shows and Movies. Find out when your favorite shows or movies are shown
on TV, see whether they are available online (both free and paid), and
view where you can get them on DVD.

Click this link to visit http://www.locatetv.com <http://www.locatetv.com>.

RerunCheck Notifies You if Your Favorite Show is a Repeat

RerunCheck saves you from the time and frustration of setting aside time
for live television, only to say: Wait a second, I've seen that before,
man, it's a rerun.

RerunCheck is a very straightforward search, having you type or grab a
show name from a list of popular entries. RerunCheck tells you if the
next airtime of that show is a rerun or not via email and RSS
notifications, and without setting up an account. The only additional
feature account registration seems to add is the ability to manage the
two types of notifications, although if you use RSS ,all you need to do
to manage things is delete the feed when you don't want it anymore.

Click this link to use http://reruncheck.com <http://reruncheck.com>.


RSS Can Be Your TV Guide and the TV Too

Posted: 06 Aug 2009 08:00 AM PDT

RSS feeds are a great way of receiving real-time updates and ensuring
that you never forget to check your favorite websites. ezRSS offers to
extend the convenience of RSS to your TV life by allowing you to either
receive a notification the day a new episode of your favorite show is
aired or to actually download the latest episode using bittorrent
technology. No sign up is required, just go to ezRSS.com
<http://www.ezRSS.com> and search through the extensive alphabetized
list of TV shows until you find your favorites, check the boxes next to
them and then click "create feed". Nothing else is required, just sit
back and relax with the knowledge that you will never have to miss an
episode of your favorite programs again.

By using bittorrent, the download of the most recent episode of your
favorite episode automatically starts as soon as a new episode is
available. This is known as broadcatching.

This is quite possibly the easiest and most accessible way to be
reminded about when the next episode of your favorite show is going to
air. People will love the simplicity, the extensive selection and the
ability to request shows that aren't currently listed.

Click this link to visit http://www.ezRSS.com <http://www.ezRSS.com>.
Need a little help setting up broadcatching with your BitTorrent client?
Click this link to check out ezRSS's /guide to using the RSS feed with
uTorrent/ <http://ezrss.it/faq>.


Finding Independent Coffee Houses

Posted: 06 Aug 2009 05:33 AM PDT

One of the things I've learned from my blind and visually impaired
friends on Twitter is how many of us love our coffee. I'm not talking
about getting up in the morning and making a fresh cup or two, I'm
talking about getting out and traveling to a local coffee shop and and
enjoying some really fresh coffee.

Now, don't get me wrong, nothing's better than brewing your own coffee
at home with fresh roasted coffee beans… but sometimes you want to get
out of the house, or you're on the road, or maybe you're meeting up with
a friend and need to find a good, quality coffee house to visit.

Finding one can be difficult, especially when you can't read the window
signs or look down the street to see what's offered. Delocator.net is a
website that can help you find local coffee shops. Simply pull up the
Web site, enter in a zip code and choose 'coffee' from the drop-down
menu (the site started out focusing solely on coffee but now also offers
search for books, movies, music and organic food).

Not only is it important to support small businesses found in the
Delocator, but you may also find that a lot of these coffee houses use
fresher beans and are more dedicated to maintaining high quality, giving
you a better tasting coffee or espresso-based drink (they almost have to
be, to compete with the big guys).

Click this link to find your next cup of coffee with
http://www.delocator.net <http://www.delocator.net>.


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